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Maths / Science / Home Class Teacher

Concordia College


Middle School Teacher

Teaching Subject: Mathematics, Science

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 21 August 2019

Concordia Campus is seeking applications from committed teachers who understand the needs of Middle School students and are qualified in both Mathematics and Science. For this position the focus is on Middle School teaching and student well-being.

<p><b>2 Continuing - full-time positions, commencing beginning of Term 1 2020</b></p><p>The successful applicant will be a Year 7 or 8 Home Class teacher who has a deep understanding of the needs of Middle School students and the benefits of working collaboratively in a team.</p><p>The teacher will have the skills and capacity to teach Mathematics and general Science applying appropriate Middle School teaching and learning approaches.</p><p><b>Pastoral Leader </b></p><p>The position of a Pastoral Leader for Year 7 or Year 8 is also available to applicants of the Maths/Science position above. A Pastoral Leader is a Home Class and core teacher in their respective Year level. </p><p>The position of Year 7/8 Pastoral Leader, commencing 2020, is a two-year cyclic position within the Year 7/8 Middle School model. Two Year 7/8 Pastoral Leaders work collaboratively to deliver the articulated Pastoral Program. </p><p><br /></p>
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