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Two Classroom Teaching Positions

St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School


Primary Teacher

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 27 September 2019

Year Level/Subject: Classroom Teaching St Paul the Apostle Catholic Parish Primary School Doreen is a living faith and learning community enlivened and inspired by the teaching and modelling of Jesus Christ and through the life of St Paul the Apostle.

<p>We are uncompromising in our determination to continue to embed a Culture of Thinking as the foundation of our learning and teaching in a multi-age setting. </p><p>We value and promote learner voice/agency and our school community is committed to the safety, wellbeing and protection of all children in our care. </p><p><b>Special Requirements </b></p><p>We seek applications from teachers who view themselves as life-long learners with the capacity to enrich and enhance the development of our culture and demonstrate a love of learning, a lived faith and a love of children. </p><p>It is essential that the successful applicant possesses the qualities of an effective teacher and has a demonstrated capacity and a commitment to work in a collaborative team structure. They should possess the personal qualities of flexibility, adaptability, optimism, risk taking and a sense of fun and curiosity, the same qualities we wish to nurture in our children. </p><p>This is a unique opportunity for teachers who are inspired by the future of education and are excited to be the innovators working in partnership on the razor&#39;s edge, to make this Culture of Thinking a reality. We look for teachers who are prepared to extend their own learning, to be reflective and courageous in their practice and willing to try. </p><p>We welcome teachers with a vision for enhancing student wellbeing and improving student learning opportunities, ready to engage in the continuing growth of our exciting, vibrant learning community and a willingness to joining us to help shape our culture. </p><p>NB: We will be offering an ongoing contract and a fixed term contract (two-years) with the possibility of an ongoing contract being offered at the conclusion of the contract.</p>
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