Reading Recovery Teacher 0.3 FTE

Our Lady of The Annunciation Catholic Primary School, Pagewood


Primary Teacher

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time (0.30 FTE)

Applications Close: 9 December 2019

Reading Recovery Teacher Part Time (0.3 FTE)

<p>Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Primary School Pagewood is seeking an experienced Reading Recovery Teacher or a suitably experienced teacher to train in Reading Recovery in 2020.</p><p>The successful applicant will:</p><ul><li>be a trained Reading Recovery teacher (0.3 FTE) or an experienced classroom (K-2) teacher willing to undertake Reading Recovery training (0.5 FTE)</li><li>display commitment to the Mission of the Catholic School</li><li>dynamic and innovative teacher with high expectations of students</li><li>need to commit to at least two years of Reading Recovery teaching at the school</li><li>understand that the maximum amount of time the applicant can stay in the role is 5 years</li><li>have the capacity to build and sustain relationships with Year 1 teachers and other key staff</li><li>show highly effective organisational and interpersonal skills</li><li>commit to teaching daily, five days a week</li></ul><p>If training is required the applicant will also:</p><ul><li>be committed to the training program</li><li>commit to daily, five days a week and will commit to a full day, once a fortnight, to teach in the morning and attend training in the afternoon<br /></li></ul>
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Application Instructions

<p>Please email a cover letter to the Principal, addressing your suitability to the role and your CV (including 3 references) to:</p><p>Mrs Deborah Buchanan  - Principal</p><p>d<a href="mailto:deborah.buchanan&#64;" rel="nofollow">eborah.buchanan&#64;</a><br /></p>


This vacancy is no longer open.