Classroom Teacher

St Laurence's Primary School - Forbes


Primary Teacher

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 2 November 2020

FULL TIME- TEMPORARY POSITION Classroom Teacher Commencing 27/01/21 - Concluding 27/01/2022

<p>This is an exciting opportunity for a high quality and innovative teacher to make a difference.</p><h5>Criteria</h5><p>Applicants must:<br /></p><ul><li>Have a commitment to excellence as a classroom teacher</li><li>Have an understanding of the contemporary learner</li><li>Prioritise student wellbeing as a catalyst for rich and deep learning</li></ul><h5><br /></h5><h5>Please email applications to:</h5><p>Mrs Paula Leadbitter (Principal)            </p><p><a href="mailto:principal.forbes&#64;" rel="nofollow">principal.forbes&#64;</a>                                                              </p><p>Ph: (02) 6852 1918</p>
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Application Instructions

<h5>For application information please click on the link below: <br /></h5><div> </div><div><a href=";sharing" rel="nofollow">Guide to Applying for a Teaching position</a></div><h5><br /></h5><h5>PLEASE FORWARD APPLICATIONS TO: </h5><div>Mrs Paula Leadbitter (Principal) </div><div>St Laurence’s Parish School </div><div>2 Dalton Street </div><div>Forbes NSW 2871 </div><div><a href="http://principal.forbes&#64;" rel="nofollow">principal.forbes&#64;</a> </div>