Holy Family Primary School


Primary Teacher

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 27 November 2020

FULL TIME TEMPORARY POSITION Commencing 29/01/2021 - Concluding 31/01/2022 Are you passionate about investing in the growth and development of the next generation? Do you enjoy working in rural areas? Then joining our Professional Learning Community may be perfect for you!

<h4>JOIN OUR QUALITY TEAM! </h4><div>Holy Family Parish School, Parkes is a vibrant community where staff, parents and students work and learn together. </div><div> </div><h5>Criteria :</h5><div>Applicants must: </div><div> </div><ul><li>Have a commitment to excellence as a classroom teacher </li><li>Have an understanding of the contemporary learner </li><li>Prioritise student wellbeing as a catalyst for rich and deep learning</li></ul><p>Salary - According to current teaching classification </p><div> </div><div>Further information is available on the CEO website: </div><div><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></div><p><b></b></p><p><b></b></p>
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Application Instructions

<h4>For application information please click on the link below: </h4><div> </div><div><a href=";sharing" rel="nofollow">Guide to Applying for a Teaching position</a></div><div><br /></div><h5>PLEASE EMAIL APPLICATION TO:</h5><div>Nick Baird (Principal) </div><div>Holy Family Parish School, Parkes NSW </div><div><br /></div><div>principal.parkes&#64; </div><div><br /></div><div><i>Child Protection legislation requires preferred applicants to be subject to employment screening. </i></div><div><br /></div><div><i>CEO Wilcannia-Forbes is an equal opportunity employer.</i></div>


This vacancy is no longer open.