Full-Time Fixed Term Contract Teacher of Film, Television & New Media

Grace Lutheran College


Secondary Teacher

Teaching Subject: Technology , Media Arts

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 23 April 2021

Grace Lutheran College invites applicants who will contribute to our Christian ethos to teach Film, Television and New Media and improve student learning within that subject area, with specialist skills and abilities in co-curricular Film Crew leadership.

<p>Grace Lutheran College invites applicants who will contribute to our Christian ethos to teach Dance and improve student learning within that subject area, with secondary skills and abilities in Middle School Drama and Senior Dance Troupe choreography/leadership.</p><p><b>Responsible to: </b>Curriculum Coordinator</p><p><b>Position type:</b> Full-time, four (4) week contract position beginning Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 25 June 2021, inclusive</p><p><b>Anticipated Commencement Date:</b> Monday 31 May 2021</p><p><b>Qualifications, Certifications and Work-related Experience:</b><br /></p><ul><li>Demonstrated ability to teach Year 11 and 12 QCAA Film, Television and New Media syllabus </li><li>Demonstrated ability to teach Year 7 – 10 Media subjects </li><li>Accredited teacher with Lutheran Education Australia, highly desirable </li><li>Preference for experienced teachers </li><li>Ability to teach in another area could be an advantage </li><li>Willingness to assist with Home Class (GEL – Grow, Empower, Learn), Pastoral Care lessons, Chapel supervision, Inter-School sporting teams or recreational activities </li><li>Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary curriculum issues in Creative Industries education </li><li>Awareness of National curriculum imperatives.</li></ul><p><b>Important: </b> All positions vacant require the applicant to address (in writing) the following Selection Criteria.</p><p><br /></p><p><b>SELECTION CRITERIA:</b></p><ol><li><b>Ethos:</b> Demonstrated commitment to the ethos, Christian values and teachings of the College.<br /></li><li><b>Teaching Expertise: </b>Ability to select and use a wide range of teaching and assessment strategies suiting the needs of a diverse range of students, including the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom.<br /></li><li><b>Curriculum:<br /></b><b><br />Middle School:</b> Demonstrated capacity in Australian Curriculum development and implementing syllabuses for the Middle Years, including planning, evaluation, assessment and management of teaching and learning activities to ensure high standards of learning occur. An understanding of the particular needs of young adolescents and demonstrated skills in meeting these needs in the context of the classroom and in pastoral care groups.<br /><br /><b>Senior School:</b> Demonstrated capacity in curriculum development and implementing Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) syllabuses for Senior subjects, including planning, evaluation, assessment and management of teaching and learning activities to ensure high standards of learning occur. Familiarity with Vocational Education and Training elements (if relevant). Experience with QCAA Endorsement and Confirmation processes will be preferred.<br /><br /></li><li><b>Qualifications and Job-specific Skills: </b>Demonstrated skills and relevant qualifications to fulfil the position advertised.<br /></li><li><b>Registration: </b>Have, or be able to obtain, registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.<br /></li><li><b>Interpersonal Skills: </b>Demonstrated willingness to work with a team leader and the supporting team to achieve the outcomes required; combining personal specialist skills with those of the team to achieve a collaborative outcome where a team approach is necessary. Very good communication skills; in the first instance verbal, and very good written skills. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines within competing work demands, while maintaining excellent customer service and team harmony.<br /></li><li><b>Pastoral Care:</b> Demonstrated ability to develop warm, caring relationships with students while maintaining a positive, focussed learning environment.<br /></li><li><b>Classroom Management:</b> Employ classroom management processes that maximise student learning in an ordered and caring environment.<br /></li><li><b>Initiative and Flexibility</b>: Demonstrated capacity for self-management, collaborative decision–making, teamwork and the ability to accept, promote and manage change.<br /></li><li><b>Continuous Improvement: </b>Evidence of a personal commitment to continuous self-evaluation and lifelong learning by participation in professional learning activities in order to keep abreast of changes in pedagogy, specific subject disciplines and undertake Lutheran Accreditation programs as provided by the school.</li><li><b>Co-curricular Skills: </b>Demonstrated skills needed to support the College’s co-curricular program.</li></ol><p><br /></p><p><b>Important:  </b>All positions vacant advertised on the Grace Lutheran College website require the applicant to address (in writing) specific Selection Criteria that are of particular relevance to the position advertised.</p><p><br /></p><p><b>Closing Date:</b>  Close of business (5 pm EST), Friday 23 April 2021 </p><p>      <br /></p><p><b>How to apply:  </b>Applicants are to submit their application in writing by email or hard copy.  Include a brief curriculum vitae, contact details of two referees (ideally one who can attest to Selection Criteria 1 on your behalf and your current supervisor, if possible), and a maximum two-page written response outlining your suitability for the role with reference to the Selection Criteria.</p><p><i>Applicants must have current eligibility to work in Australia.<br /><br /></i></p><p><b>Address application to: </b></p><p>The Head of College</p><p>Grace Lutheran College </p><p>PO Box 3181, CLONTARF DC QLD 4019 <br /><br /></p><p><br />T: (07) 3203 0066 F: (07) 3897 2188 </p><p>grace&#64;glc.qld.edu.au </p><p>https://www.glc.qld.edu.au./ </p><p>Enquiries to: grace&#64;glc.qld.edu.au </p><p><br /></p>