Religion Teacher (Permanent Full-time) with the opportunity for an experienced candidate to be considered for a Leader of Wellbeing (2 point)

Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield


Secondary Teacher

Teaching Subject: Religious Studies

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 29 October 2021

Permanent full-time position commencing 28th January 2022

<p> </p> <p>At Patrician Brothers&#39; College Fairfield, we espouse our dual purpose to educate and evangelise in the Catholic tradition. To this end, applicants should be committed to the Catholic ethos of the College as well as to authentic, effective, innovative teaching and learning strategies, and committed to the pastoral care of all members of the community.<br /></p> <p>The successful applicant will be:</p> <ul><li>An experienced and appropriately accredited Religious Education teacher with the ability to teach both senior and junior Religious Education courses and have a passion for Catholic education.</li><li>Able to demonstrate a creative and innovative approach to teaching and learning.<br /></li><li>Able to empower students to be independent and creative learners.<br /></li><li>Able to collaborate with colleagues to build genuine and professional relationships and to promote shared commitment and a sense of achievement.<br /></li><li>Able to successfully integrate technology into everyday learning and planning.<br /></li><li>Able to effectively communicate with parents, students and staff.<br /></li><li>Be a passionate teacher who can meet the needs of all learners and show a commitment to academic excellence.</li><li>Builds a learning culture of shared responsibility for quality teaching and student learning growth.</li><li>Willingness to contribute to a range of extra-curricular activities.</li></ul><p><b>For the Leader of Wellbeing Position (2 Points)</b><br /></p><p>The successful applicant will report to the Principal through the Director of Wellbeing for:<br /></p><p>Student Wellbeing<br /></p><ul><li>Work with the Director of Wellbeing, other Leaders of Wellbeing to contribute to on-going development and implementation of the student wellbeing program, supporting the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, cultural growth and development of students.<br /></li><li>Actively support the maintenance of high standards for students across uniform, presentation, behaviour on public transport and encourage a positive tone amongst students.</li><li>In collaboration, the Leaders of Wellbeing, track and oversee student attendance including attendance planning and subsequent follow up.</li><li>Case-manage students who have been referred by the Director of Wellbeing.</li><li>Manage and maintain accurate and comprehensive records in line with the College’s legal, ethical, pastoral and professional obligations and responsibilities.</li><li>Liaise with the Director of Wellbeing, Leaders of Wellbeing, and College Counsellors in regards to student welfare.</li></ul><p>Student Discipline</p><ul><li>Operational management of student discipline. Work as a team with other Leaders of Wellbeing and/or Leaders of Learning in regard to behaviour management processes including; investigating, interviewing, conducting mediation, restorative justice and communicating with parents.<br /></li><li>Work with the Director of Wellbeing, Leaders of Wellbeing to develop and maintain effective procedures for student management that are consistent and just.</li><li>Ensure behaviour management stage levels are adhered to, communicated across the community, and evaluated for effectiveness.</li><li>In collaboration with the Director of Wellbeing, oversight and implementation of Years 7-12 detention program including after school detentions.</li></ul><p>Safe and Supportive School Environment</p><ul><li>Contribute to the implementation of student-related College policies and guidelines including; Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Child Care and Protection, Management and Resolution of Student Grievances, Student Code of Conduct, Response to Serious Incidents.<br /></li><li>Provide support, advice and guidance to staff in regard to behaviour management strategies.</li><li>Promotion of programs and activities designed to support parents in the nurturing of their children.</li><li>Assist in student leadership initiatives and the promotion of student community service programs across the College.</li><li>Perform any duties as is required by the Principal or their nominees, from time to time.</li></ul><p>Other responsibilities include:</p><ul><li>Involvement in College decision-making and shared responsibility with other key staff members for such activities as:<br /></li><li>College Assemblies and Special Events.</li><li>College Camps, Graduations and Formals.</li><li>Awards and recognition of achievement and service.</li></ul><p>Personal Attributes:</p><ul><li>Applicants should demonstrate a clear understanding and affinity with the ethos and philosophy of the College and will:<br /></li><li>Support the Catholic faith of the College.</li><li>Have intellectual strength, professional integrity and a passion for education.</li><li>Demonstrate ongoing enthusiasm and initiative.</li><li>Describe their own purposeful and innovative responses to key educational issues.</li><li>Show a commitment to ongoing professional learning.</li><li>Demonstrate approachability and flexibility.</li></ul><p>Child Protection legislation requires the applicant has a current Working With Children Clearance.<br /></p> <p>Written applications, including Curriculum Vitae and the names of 3 referees should be sent to the address below by 9:00 am Friday, 29 October 2021.<br /></p>
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Application Instructions

<p>Check advertisement content</p><p>Please forward all applications to:</p><p>Mrs Nita Faga<br /></p><p>Principal&#39;s PA<br /></p><p>268 The Horsley Drive<br /></p><p>Fairfield NSW 2165<br /></p><p>Email: nita.faga&#64;<br /></p>


This vacancy is no longer open.