Associate - Senior Educator

Grok Academy

Chippendale, NSW

All Grade Levels (P-12)

Teaching Subject: Information Technology , Technology

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 29 December 2021

We’re looking for someone with a passion for education and computing (digital technologies or computer science) to join our team. This is a great opportunity to contribute to a growing not-for-profit on a mission to educate students across Australia and the world, from primary school through to university and beyond.

<p>At Grok Academy, our mission is to educate all learners in transformative computing skills, knowledge and dispositions, empowering them to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future. To us,?computing?encompasses basic digital literacy through to advanced computer science and related disciplines, and the application of these skills across all disciplines. </p><p>Grok Academy provides resources, online courses and competitions, teacher workshops, curriculum and pedagogical advice for all teachers. We&#39;re looking for someone to help us write great educational content and provide the support teachers need to engage their students in Digital Technologies learning. </p><p><i>We need someone who: </i></p><ul><li>can write for a diverse audience over a range of cognitive levels; </li><li>has demonstrated experience translating difficult concepts into engaging and accessible content; </li><li>has excellent copy-editing and proof-reading skills; </li><li>is flexible, willing to develop skills, and can learn and adapt quickly; </li><li>has excellent interpersonal skills with a high degree of empathy and emotional intelligence; </li><li>can manage time effectively in a goal-focused environment; </li><li>is familiar with Python, Javascript or another programming language used to teach programming; and </li><li>is a team player. </li></ul><p><b>Position Details</b> </p><p>We are hiring for Associate, Intermediate and Senior roles in our growing education team. Roles are available for full-time or part-time staff. Our offices are in Sydney, but we have employees working across Australia and are open to hiring from anywhere in Australia.  </p><p>At Grok Academy we are inspired by our purpose - we learn about education and technology every day, and share our learning with our community. All staff are employed under the Grok Academy Group Enterprise Agreement, which offers generous salary and conditions including: <br /></p><ul><li>a 35 hour working week; </li><li>flexible working arrangements to promote a work-life balance; </li><li>generous leave entitlements, including annual shutdown and up to 26 weeks of paid parental leave (12 weeks for the non-primary carer); and </li><li>salary packaging arrangements. </li></ul><p><i>Any offer of a position will be subject to a Working with Children Check and National Police Check. </i></p><p><b>Position Description </b><br /></p><p>Your position as an Educator will include the following duties: <br /></p><ul><li>developing educational material, including notes, questions, and other relevant material, for Grok’s online and in-person activities;  </li><li>providing curriculum, technology, and pedagogy support, advice, and consulting for customers participating in Grok’s activities;  </li><li>designing and delivering professional development sessions to school teachers and leaders;  </li><li>designing and delivering computer science outreach activities to school students;  </li><li>attending education and teaching conferences, workshops and trade shows to promote Grok’s products and services;  </li><li>engaging with teacher and school communities, e.g., schools and education systems, IT teacher associations in each state and territory.  </li></ul>
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Application Instructions

<ul><li>Send an email to Kylie Williams (<a href="mailto:jobs&#64;" rel="nofollow">jobs&#64;</a>) with the following: </li></ul><p>1. A 1 – 2 page response with reference to the position description explaining: </p><ul><li>why you want the role; </li><li>what you would bring to the role and what you would get out of it; and </li><li>an achievement that you are most proud of. </li></ul><p>2. An example of a learning activity you have designed or delivered; </p><p>3. A current curriculum vitae; and </p><p>4. Two referees with a thorough knowledge of your work performance. </p>


This vacancy is no longer open.