Teaching and Learning Coordinator (Leadership 2)

St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School

Greenfield Park , NSW 

Curriculum / Learning

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 29 April 2022

<p>St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School is a private Independent Christian school located in Western Sydney. The school is Co-educational, Pre-K to 6 with over 650 students. St Hurmizd offers a comprehensive curriculum and is committed to providing all students a quality education.<br /></p><p>The school community highly value our staff due to their high degree of care for our students, professionalism and commitment to ongoing professional development. Staff are also supported through a caring and family-oriented Faith-based environment. <br /></p><p><b>The Role</b><br /></p><p>This is a full-time non-teaching position with a Leadership 2 allowance. </p><p>The Teaching and Learning Coordinator will lead and support staff to deliver quality teaching principles and strategies. Reporting directly to the Principal and being a member of the school Executive, the successful candidate will be able to collaborate, inspire and lead others, and is an educator who enjoys opportunities for personal and professional growth. <br /></p><p>The Teaching and Learning Coordinator will possess the ability to think strategically and have an understanding of how 21st century teaching and learning strategies can be embedded within a dynamic curriculum. <br /></p><p><b>Key Responsibilities</b><br /></p><ul><li>Ensuring the key focus is on quality student outcomes. </li><li>Implementing the School’s Quality Teaching and Learning Framework. </li><li>Leading and oversee the development and improvement of quality teaching practice within the school. </li><li>Collaborating with the Grade Co-ordinators to develop strategies for improvement. </li><li>Researching new teacher pedagogies and develop plans to communicate and assist teachers to develop their understanding and use of these strategies in their practice. </li><li>Modelling, coaching and promoting classroom strategies that maximise student learning through the use of research on best practice in teaching. </li><li>Initiating strategies for developing a climate for providing and accepting constructive feedback and recognition of achievement. </li><li>Supporting teachers in the analysis of school performance data. </li><li>Analysing a range of data (eg. NAPLAN) to inform future strategic planning. </li><li>Using emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning experiences. </li><li>Providing leadership to ensure the effective induction, mentoring, training and professional development of staff. </li><li>Overseeing the academic reporting process. </li><li>Regularly meeting with the Principal and Deputy Principal, communicating the school’s vision and policies to staff. </li><li>Leading staff teams to facilitate the development, monitoring and implementation of the School’s Strategic Plan. </li></ul><p><b>Other Responsibilities </b><br /></p><ul><li>Being visible within classrooms. </li><li>Managing the Teaching and Learning budget. </li><li>Ensuring resource use aligns with strategic decision-making. </li><li>Communicating with key stakeholders as required. </li><li>Participating in whole-school decision making and have a shared / rostered responsibility with other Executive Team members for such activities as school assemblies, whole-school events, parent events, School Graduations and Formals and Committee Meetings. </li><li>Performing any duties as required by the Principal. </li></ul><p><b>Essential Skills</b><br /></p><ul><li>High-level interpersonal skills. </li><li>Strong organisational skills. </li><li>Ability to influence and motivate staff. </li><li>Ability to analyse data. </li><li>A growth mindset. </li><li>Understanding of recent curriculum reform. </li><li>Excellent knowledge of quality teaching and learning strategies. </li></ul><p><b>Further Information</b><br /></p><p>The successful candidate’s salary will be aligned with a Coordinator Leadership Level 2 from the Independent School’s Multi-Enterprise Agreement (MEA) for teachers. </p><p>Applicants are welcome from all education sectors, with an understanding the successful applicant will be working in a supportive Christian Faith environment.<br /></p><p>Applicants must include a curriculum vitae, a current Working with Children (WWCC) Number for NSW, proof of NSW Public Health Order vaccination requirements and a current NESA accreditation number to teach within NSW. <br /></p><p>Enquiries and applications should be sent to hr&#64;assyrianschools.nsw.edu.au.<br /></p><p>The closing date for applications is Friday  29 April  2022.<br /></p><p><br /></p><p>                     </p><p></p><p><b><br /></b></p>
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