Leader of Learning - Mathematics - Gateshead

St Mary's Catholic College - Gateshead


Curriculum / Learning

Teaching Subject: Mathematics

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 13 June 2023

St Mary's Catholic College Gateshead is seeking a permanent full-time Leader of Learning - Mathematics to join the team from 2024.

St Mary's Catholic College Gateshead&nbsp;is seeking a permanent full-time Leader of Learning - Mathematics&nbsp;to join the team from 2024.<br><br>St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead, is a co-educational year 7 to 12 College founded in the finest tradition of the Josephite sisters.<br>It is recognised and acclaimed as a safe, disciplined, welcoming and caring community.<br>It is a school where paramount importance is given to building and nurturing quality relationships; providing excellence in teaching and learning aligned with the Visible Learning Framework; setting and maintaining high standards and expectations in all dimensions of college life and providing a sound spiritual framework for students' personal growth and development as learners and as people.<br>A fundamental belief underpinning college life is a commitment to service in the spirit of the Gospel, which honours the college motto ‘Ready to Serve’.<br><br><a href="https://diocesemn.azurewebsites.net/media/5496/position_description_-_cso_-_leader_of_learning.pdf" target="_blank"><br><br><head3><b>POSITION DESCRIPTION</b></head3></a><br><br>Leaders of Learning work in collaboration with the school leadership team and colleagues to promote the school as a place of learning and excellence in accordance with contemporary evidence-based learning principles. Within their faculty they will:<br><li>ensure the highest standards of teaching practice<br></li><li>lead and support the ongoing development, implementation and oversight of quality teaching programs and learning outcomes<br></li><li>have deep understanding and expertise in KLA curriculum requirements<br></li><li>establish a culture of collaborative and reflective practice<br></li><li>support individuals in identifying new experiences for their continual professional development<br></li><li>know their students and strive to provide engaging learning that supports student wellbeing.<br></li>
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